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About Us

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Hello friend,

As of the March 3rd Annual General Meeting, the Wascana-Regina EDA has a full board of directors and a strong executive. I would like to thank everyone who let their name stand to be on the board and on the executive. Together we will bring the strongest effort possible to the 2019 election campaign. Regina-Wascana needs a Conservative MP. Canada needs a majority Conservative government.

I would like to note that Conservative party membership numbers in our riding have increased at a great pace. Men and women from all walks of life have been signing on to provide financial and volunteer support. Thank you and welcome to all new members!! Be sure to Like and Share on the Regina-Wascana Conservative EDA Facebook page and to watch for news about events and political goings on.

As you know, Justin Trudeau and his government have failed terribly, and Canadians have seen more evidence of this week after week and month after month. Deficits have been much larger than initially promised and the Liberal party has returned to its roots of cronyism and corruption. We are burdened more and more with higher taxes and with growing unpaid interest on future deficit payments while our economy stagnates, foreign investment flees and Justin Trudeau embarrasses us on the world stage.

Liberal priorities are not Saskatchewan priorities, and they certainly are not the priorities of those who call Regina-Wascana home. What we need is a Conservative majority government in Ottawa and a Conservative MP in Regina-Wascana in 2019.

If you would like to make a donation to the EDA, please visit:  www.cpcreginawascana.com. Tax credits are available, and all funds donated to the EDA go directly to ensuring we can run a competitive and successful election campaign in 2019.

This year’s election can bring a Conservative majority government. Thanks in advance for your continued support.


Best regards,

Steve Chamberlain

President, Regina-Wascana EDA

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