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Our Electoral District Association (EDA) is comprised of a diverse collection of ordinary hardworking Canadian citizens who believe in basic conservative principles and family values: 

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But, we'll always need your help. Whatever your experience, there is always a place for you on our Regina-Wascana Conservative Team!

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Some of our policies and values extracted from The Conservative Party of Canada Policy Declaration:

  • We believe true democracy involves vigorous participation by all citizens in the affairs of the country.
  • We believe in restoring democratic accountability into the House of Commons by allowing free votes.
  • We believe that it is the responsibility of government to create an economic climate in which Canadians can thrive and prosper, and with their success create quality job opportunities for Canadians;
  • We believe that lower taxes and reduced government interference in the economy will result in more purchasing power in the hands of the people of Canada, which leads to a more competitive economy, greater productivity, more quality job opportunities, and a higher standard of living. Reducing personal income taxes is a priority for us because it increases the take-home pay and raises the living standard of all Canadians.
  • We believe that Canada’s multicultural society is a valued reality and accepts the need to foster understanding and equality of opportunity, while expecting Canadians to adopt Canadian common values such as equality, democracy, and the rule of law.
  • We recognize the need to support families and children. We support the elimination of all tax disadvantages to families including those who care for children at home. We recognize the value of the home caregiver and supports tax relief for families who provide homecare.
  • We are committed to a strong and effective health care program, well-funded post-secondary education and an effective safety net so that Canadians will be able to face the challenges of life. We believe the government should work with the provinces and territories to strengthen the social fabric of Canada to improve the quality of life for all Canadians but especially children, seniors and the disabled.
  • We believe that responsible exploration, development, conservation and renewal of our environment are vital to our continued well-being as a nation and as individuals.